How to Buy

Buying $CMG

Through Pancake Swap


  1. Download the mobile app TrustWallet.
  2. Put a decent amount of BNB or BSC in your wallet.
  3. If you are an iPhone user you have to first enable the DApps tab. This can be done by pasting this link:  trust://browser_enable in your Safari App. Otherwise, continue to the DApps then find PancakeSwap.
  4. When you tap "Select Currency" paste our Contract Address which allows TrustWallet to detect $CMG

Contract Address: 0xbe6c8e986a19a030372a1568937363b80c49d386

      5. Now tap it when you see CMG.

      6. Enter the preferred currency and the amount below.

      7. Tap the Swap button in the middle and Confirm Transactions!