CMG News

16th Aug. '21

Hello Crypto Maniacs!

We have an announcement!

We will be migrating our current Smart Contract to a new and reloaded Smart Contract.


All founders who never sold any CMG tokens will receive 1 BNB worth of new CMG tokens from the NEW Smart Contract in addition to a 20% compensation.

All HODLERS who never sold anything will receive the equivalent worth of the new token from the new Smart Contract, in addition to 20% of companesation.


All HODLERS who sold any CMG tokens will receive the current USD equivalent of their old CMG tokens against what ever price the NEW CMG Smart Contract will be when it is LAUNCHED.

New CMG Tokenomics:

  • 5% goes to HODLERS - USDT AUTO Claim
  • 2% Auto Burn
  • 3% Goes to the CMG Marketing Wallet

New CMG Features:

  • Remittance - We have partnered along with other Crypto Projects that also offer a "Remittance" feature. They are more than happy to bring us on board. They will integrate our NEW CMG Smart Contract to their API which will officially allow CMG to have the unique feature of remittance. Remittance is a multi-billion dollar industry. More information on this soon.


  • TokenSharing Smart Contract.


  • Online Shopping using CMG Tokens.


Thank you for your patience and your Diamond Hands.

We never left. We think.


-CMG Devs.